Main Office & Towing Hotline: (973) 526-7009  


Camp Auto and Truck provides towing services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We are able to meet your towing needs by providing solutions, especially when an unexpected accident or vehicle breakdown puts you in a sudden “situation”.

When you have a problem getting your vehicle to its destination, you can rely on courteous drivers from Camp Auto & Truck to provide first-rate service. Call today for a free estimate of our roadside towing service and a pleasant staff member will promptly assist you and arrange for service.

24 Hour Towing: (973) 694-6798

Light Duty Towing

Our Light Duty Tow Truck service includes both conventional tow trucks as well as flat bed tow trucks. Our Light Duty Tow Trucks can tow all types of cars and light trucks with state-of-the-art wheel lift systems and our flatbed tow trucks provide damage-free towing for all vehicles including exotic or low profile vehicles.This way you are assured that the right equipment is used for a damage free experience.

Medium Duty Towing

Box Trucks (with and without airbrakes)
8,000 -16,000 lb vehicles

Medium Duty Towing services are a professional solution for owners of commercial vehicles. When one of your fleet vehicles needs service or a medium duty truck breaks down, you can rely on our Medium Duty Towing professionals.

Heavy Duty Towing

Our specialty tractor-trailers allow us to transport heavy equipment, specialty equipment, or many of your vehicles at once. Our "State of the Art" training and techniques, make us a leader in the towing industry.

Recovery Towing

Having a large fleet of Heavy Duty Tow Trucks allows us to handle many breakdowns simultaneously to get your truck, bus, or rig back on the road. Our trucks are designed to handle the heaviest trucks on the road today; equipped with under-reach and wheel lift capabilities for damage free towing.

Street Clean Up

Our clean up crews are needed often, and know how to get the job done in a timely fashion. We have available 1-40 yard dumpsters for all load transfers, a bobcat with a grapple bucket, forks and street sweeper attachment for all types of cleanup.

Heavy Hauling: Local & Long Distance

Camp Auto & Truck offers heavy equipment hauling at competitive rates for any type of machinery or oversized freight. We offer our heavy hauling services utilizing Landoll and lowboy trailers, throughout the East Coast. We will determine the most cost effective trailers to use and best routing for your heavy equipment, saving you money in the process.

Whether you are shipping a printing press or an excavator we will deliver your shipment safely and securely. We only employ experienced drivers with excellent safety and reliability ratings. With our freight forwarding partners we can arrange to have your heavy equipment exported to virtually anywhere in the world seamlessly.